The willpower of the Indonesian nation to get out of the crisis by improving government performance and encouraging economic growth through the real sectors and industry as well as agricultural revitalization, needs to be supported by all entities, including from Industry lines and Universities.

The Growth of the real sectors and industries require adequate planning and readiness, especially considered the intense competition in all areas of the globalization era. This leads the availability of qualified human resources become important, so as moral integrity, expertise in science and technology, professionalism, and good cooperation between research institutions and industry.

The existence of researchers, industry professionals and Indonesian students abroad are one of the nation’s wealth that must not be in vain. Their knowledge, experience, expertise, networks and facilities become a source of strength for a real sector development, such as the development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia.

Recognizing the above fact, it is deemed necessary to immediately unify the various potentials abroad to support Indonesian development successes.

In order to achieve the goal above and considering so many Indonesian human resources who are and will work in industry and research institutes within Europe, then a joint vessel has been established which was named as Association of Indonesian Professionals for Science, Technology and Enterprises (AIPSE).

AIPSE is formed based on a desire to encourage the progress of the industrial world in Indonesia, especially SMEs by utilizing its full potential of the experts and researchers existence in Europe. In addition, AIPSE works with European associations to actualize transfer of technology (TOT) from European country to Indonesia collectively, systematically, planned and on targeted.

Executive Board
Dr. Joharsyah Ciptokusumo
Dodi Hardiman
Tito Prabowo