Intensive Immersion on Food Irradiaton Based on ISO 14470:2011 for BATAN IGMP

With it’s partner TÜV Rheinland Indonesian chapter, AIPSE-Germany and AERIAL-CRT France have successfully executed intensive technology transfer training, for enabling Irradiator Gamma Merah Putih (IGMP) facility Batan, gaining certified Food Irradiation process based on ISO 14470, in Karlsruhe.

The certification is required for IGMP for preparing food and later on medical devices products of small and medium enterprises in Indonesia, towards international business expansion, heading up regional and international market penetration.

A full team of Batan IGMP experts (Dr. Murni Indarwatmi, Indra Milyardi. M.T., Rizka Fitriana, S.Si. and Baskan Hanurajie M. Eng.) joined the two weeks intensive training and workshop, from 18 until 30 October 2021, including on site visit of AERIAL-CRT dosimetry Laboratory and research facilities, and as well as virtual visit of Beta Gamma Irradiation facilities in Germany.

IGMP Batan
IGMP Batan Experts Team with Trainers of AERIAL-CRT France and AIPSE-Germany e.V.

In the first week, the intensive online training took place, AIPSE-Germany expert (Dr. Joharsyah Ciptokusumo) corporates with AERIAL-CRT expert team (Leaded by Dr. Florent Kuntz), exploring technology transfer topics about state-of-the-art Irradiation, Facilities, with all required contents for ISO 14470 certification and its implementation. Indonesian trade and promotion center (ITPC) Hamburg has also contributed giving a brief introduction about food products and import regulation into Germany and Europe.

Dr. Joharsyah Ciptokusumo is an Indonesian diaspora expert living in Germany and respectively director of AIPSE-Germany e.V., Dr. Florent Kuntz is an expert in irradiation dosimetry, he contributed personally into ISO 14470 and its application. Furthermore, has visited BATAN in Indonesia Jogjakarta, contributed to technology transfer in Irradiation expert field.

During the second week, the training is enhanced by an on site/offline visit to AERIAL-CRT dosimetry laboratory as well as networking meeting with members and experts of IAEA community, Director of AERIAL-CRT, Dr. Alain Strasser.

IBA Electron accelerator
State-of-the-art IBA Electron accelerator, Rhodothron®

In the momentum of 28th October (Indonesian youth nation day), IGMP Batan team and AIPSE-Germany encountered visit to KJRI Hamburg, to meet Mr. Ardian Wicaksono and officer’s (Indonesian Consulate General in Hamburg), Mr. Eka Sumarwanto and team (Director of Indonesian Trade and Promotion Center in Hamburg), Ms. Dian Suprapto and team (Manager of Academy & Life Care of TÜV Rheinland Indonesia) and Dr. Roziq Himawan (Head of BATAN).

Visit of Indonesian General Consulate in Hamburg
Visit of Indonesian General Consulate in Hamburg, Indonesian Youth Nation Day, 28th October 2021

Intensive Immersion on food irradiation based on ISO 14470 has been part of AIPSE-Germany commitment together with it’s partner TÜV Rheinland chapter Indonesia, enhancing business development opportunities between Indonesia and Germany-Europe, moving diplomacy forward, throughout diaspora activities for a better future.


Intensive Immersion
State-of-the-art IBA Electron accelerator, Rhodothron®
, IGMP Batan Experts Team with AERIAL-CRT Team
Dinner, IGMP Batan Experts Team with AERIAL-CRT Team and AIPSE-Germany e.V.